Product Test

RiverSide Electronics provides full circuit board test capability – including testability recommendations, test development, and test execution. We perform board test, system level integration test, and we can provide thermal and mechanical stress testing depending on product requirements. RiverSide uses circuit board testing to confirm product quality and functionality to provide a means of monitoring our processes.

In-Circuit Test (Agilent 3070)
~ Functional test incorporated
~ In System Programming (ISP) of components

Manufacturing defect analyzer
~ Checksum TR-9

Functional Test
~ RiverSide designed
~ Customer supplied
~ C++, Visual Basic, & Lab View test development

Burn-in chambers (Thermotron)
~ Temperature and humidity cycling
~ Environmental stress screening
~ Product life testing

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
~ YesTech YTV-FS

Flying Probe